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Vim is a text exitor based on Vi. Vim is an acronym for (Vi IMproved) and is developed to be a fast and efficient editor.

I started using vim in late highschool, and since then I've become faster at typing, editing, and note-taking on my computer. Regular expressions can be executed on the text, which supports a HUGE array of functionality. For example, one of the most well known text editors is Notepad++, whos find and replace command can't search for newlines.


I spent a while modifying my own vimrc to match my workflow and increase my productivity. I say 'modifying' because I didn't make mine from scratch but instead started with a base of somebody else's I found on the internet (I would give them credit, but it's been so long).

Now, without further adue: my vimrc.


Learn vim, it's awesome, You'll edit documents faster and get more done. Check out my vimrc above.

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