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Movie Word Count

I read the first Song of Fire and Ice book, A Game of Thrones, and finally decided to watch the HBO television series. As I watched I thought they put a lot of detail into everything and felt like it fit the book fairly close. I then wondered how long it was relative to the book. This is when I decided to see how many words (on average) took place per second of the show. I found some interesting results and decided to share my findings with everyone. I also decided to do this for a few other popular films. All of my data is taken off of IMDB and GoodReads

The Data

Game of Thrones (First two seasons)
= 9.81132075472

The Hobbit (estimating last film length)
= 3.08595469256

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
= 11.7744248654

The Hunger Games
= 11.7077464789

The Da Vinci Code
= 16.7624521073

The Twilight Series
= 16.0020021645

The Harry Potter Series
= 15.3396434635

The Princess Bride
= 8.44336734694

Fight Club
= 5.94785714286

Ender's Game
= 14.7365497076

The Matlab

x = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10];
y = [9.81132075472,3.08595469256,11.7744248654,11.7077464789,16.7624521073,16.0020021645,15.3396434635,8.44336734694,5.94785714286,14.7365497076];
barlab = {'Game of Thrones (First two seasons)','The Hobbit (estimating last film length)','The Lord of the Rings Trilogy','The Hunger Games','The Da Vinci Code','The Twilight Series','The Harry Potter Series','The Princess Bride','Fight Club','Ender''s Game'};
for i1=1:numel(y)
axis([0 11 0 30]);
title('Words per second for movies based off popular books');

The Nice Little Graph

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